22 May 2017

The café on the bridge

I mentioned earlier that there is a restaurant/café on the bridge over the Cher River at Saint-Aignan. Here's a view of it from up on the château terrace. The restaurant is actually on the island, and you can see that there are really two spans over two branches of the Cher here.

A little farther down the hill that the château sits on, you can catch a glimpse of the restaurant, called Sur le Pont, through the trees.

Sur le Pont is only two or three years old. If you remember, last year at this time it was flooded by high water coming down the river.

Once you're on the bridge, if you look over the edge you have a good view of the restaurant's outdoor seating area, which is a very pleasant place for lunch in summertime. There's a roll-out awning to provide shade on really hot, sunny days (if there are any during any given summer).

In the photo above, you can just see the outdoor patio in the lower right corner. That's part of the château up on the hill on the other side of the river.

Here's the restaurant's contact information, plus a short list of some of the things you can order for your lunch. It's closed on Weds. (mercredi) and Thurs. (jeudi). The lunch menu goes for 16 euros.


  1. I think this place is owned/run by the son of friends of friends of ours, but we've never eaten at it.

    1. The people who own and operate Sur le Pont used to have the Pâtisserie du Château in Saint-Aignan. I don't know their names. We had a nice summer lunch there a couple of years ago, and it was very good. (We had hamburgers!)

  2. I love the venue... very calm....
    But, I adore the idea of 'poisson frais' .....
    it conjours up a picture of the chef, dressed to cook.....sitting there rod in hand, fishing for the main course!

  3. That's where we'll be eating, right? :) This is great to see, all of this!

    1. Put that on your list, Judith- it looks wonderful!


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