03 May 2017

Recent skies, and other news

Today is the second morning in a row that we've done the poop patrol in the big upstairs loft room and found nothing. Rien à signaler. No presents. When we were finding some on the floor up there, they were like little Tootsie Rolls, so they weren't disgusting or anything.

Tasha's progress is pretty good, considering that she has been here only a week. She seems suddenly, and already, to have understood that the back yard is the place where she needs to do her business. Let's hope it lasts.

Meanwhile, I'm have a lot of trouble adjusting the monitor on my relatively new laptop — I bought it in the U.S. when I was there in February — so that the colors look right. I use one of my tablets as the standard, because it didn't come in with a built-in color adjustment feature. I don't know if I'm going about this is the right way. Anyway, here are two photos of recent skies at sunset. I hope they look okay on your monitor or screen.


  1. Look OK... the greens look spring-like...the skies look like the ones I've seen here recently.
    Do you use a monitor calibration programme to adjust your monitor? Or, as my bro' does... a Spyder.

  2. Oh, sorry to hear about the troubles with the color-adjustment. At least sweet little Tasha is learning quickly!

  3. New computers can be a strain, getting them to be just the way the old one was .. but these photos are fabulous to me. It is not the color so much as the photo being a tiny bit dark, but that is to be expected in that sort of photo and it is still wonderful.

    1. PS
      I made the photo big and it makes a perfect screensaver :)

  4. Your skies look fine.
    Tasha is smart....uh-oh!


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