26 May 2017

From the church to the château

I'm still posting photos of Saint-Aignan, our adopted home town, that I took two weeks ago. I was headed to the open-air market on a Saturday morning, and I was early. The weather was nice and everything looked scenic, beautiful, and interesting. Here's part of my walking tour.

Imagine that you are standing in front of the church, with your back to the front door.

You're looking up a grand, wide staircase toward the château terrace.

You walk up the old stone steps and you look back down from the top.

You notice that the staircase handrail and posts could use some restoration work.

Then you look to the right and you see the Renaissance-era château.


  1. There is probably not much traffic on those steps anymore.

  2. That staircase was built to last a few hundred years. It's a good test for one's heart fitness.

  3. The staircase is beautiful with the view of the tower above - that's a nice photo. While the weathered posts are attractive, yes, they look in need of restoration.

    The car parked in front of the chateau really gives an idea of the scale of the place; on first glance it doesn't look as large as it really is.

  4. That's nice Ken! We've done that walk a couple of times, it made me remember that lovely town, very nice! Thanks!!

  5. Wonderful! My favorite is the photo of the stairs.


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