29 May 2015


The news about my relative in N.C. is not very good. I'm not ready to write about it until there's some kind of resolution. I hope of course that it turns out to be good news. Sometimes it's hard being so far from home. Tomorrow, I'll be going to Paris, and then I'll be far from both of my homes.


Meanwhile, we're having a string of nice days, despite weather reports that it might rain at any minute. It never does. Yesterday I showed some of the fruit on the trees around here, today here are some pictures of the roses in our yard.

We don't take care of the roses as well as we could, but they seem hardy. They were here when we bought the house 12 years ago. On another subject, Callie just came downstairs... limping. Sigh.


  1. Whatever happened to Callie? Some spine in one of her paws?

    The roses are beautiful. Do they smell as good as they are gorgeous?

    1. Not sure, CHM. She develops this limp periodically. I'm never paying close enough attention to remember if it's always the same front paw. The vet says that unless it becomes really chronic there's nothing to be done. Callie probably has one weak front leg and she sprains it from time to time. All that said, Walt said she chased a deer this morning. She also flushed one out yesterday morning on the walk with me and chased it a little way before coming back to me. Maybe that's how she sprained the leg, in all the excitement.

  2. Great roses... this w/e is the rose festival at Chedigny... Chedigny is always worth a visit at this time of the year.
    But... not necessarily this w/e... too many peoples... no view of the roses.

    Poor Callie... I bet she did sprain it chasing the deer... my first dog pulled a leg chasing a rabbit.

  3. When I saw the heading I thought the post was going to be about rosés. But never mind, the roses are really beautiful.

  4. The roses are really lovely. I am sad that things are not going well with your relative. Sad that Callie has hurt her leg. But I hope you will have a good journey to Paris. A peaceful and successful one.

  5. It's good to see the roses. I hope Callie's leg is soon healed and that you have a good trip in the new car. Thinking about your family in NC.

  6. Yes, yes, beautiful roses, beautiful photos of roses, Ken:)
    And, of course, sharing Evelyn's thoughts, and everyone's, of concern.

  7. Ken

    Callie had the same problem early last year also IIRC and by the time we met in Paris ( exactly a yr ago - time flies) she has got over it. Have a nice trip to Paris, in Paris and back. It is too bad that the entrée des quatre héros de la Résistance au Panthéon was not held last year ( it was still under renovation) - it would have been very interesting to watch.


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