15 May 2015

A chilly “bridge” day

So today is the actual pont between our Thursday holiday and the regular weekend. Of course, if you're retired like we are, every day is a holiday and every other day is a bridge day. Here are a few recent photos taken around the vineyard. It's what I do.

Dewy leaves

Spring colors

Fleurs de sureau — Elderberry flowers

Wildflower with vineyard shed

Tree “cotton” along the road

Today is supposed to be our chilliest day of the current weather cycle. We ended up getting very little rain yesterday, and we even had a few rays of sunshine in the afternoon. Vivement que le beau temps revienne.


  1. You seem to be getting very good results from your Canon...
    love that first pic and the lone star in the vineyard.

    1. I am enjoying the camera. Not every image is perfect (by a long shot) and I do my normal post-processing, but I'm happy.

    2. What does "lone star in the vineyard" mean?

    3. The effect of that salsify flower [very sharp], all by itself in the vineyard [all in soft focus]...
      it just looks like a star.

    4. Sorry, Goatsbeard flower...
      Salsify is purple'ish

  2. It absolutely poured here. I drove from Preuilly to Chinon yesterday afternoon through a ferocious rainstorm with very strong winds and heavy rain between Preuilly and Chatellerault. It was not pleasant.

    1. Walt says there was a total of 2 mm in the rain gauge this morning. Un pipi de chat, comme on dit.

    2. We only managed 3.3mm.......
      but that will water to 33mm... fine for young plants.
      I think that that cloud was out to get you, Susan!!

  3. Here in our part of Texas, we've been in a drought for five years.
    So discouraging. But this Spring has brought some wet conditions,
    and now we've had 3 inches of blissful rain since Wednesday.
    I think that might be about 75 mm, but I'm not sure about the
    metric conversion.

  4. That sounds right, Sheila, and that's a lot of rain in a short time. Good for you, I hope.


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