28 May 2015

L'époque de la fructification

Fruit is forming all around us. Here are some examples. All these photos are ones I took just a few steps outside our back door.

Little red plums
on the tree I planted
five or six years ago.
Looks like a good
crop this year.

Blackberries on a
thornless plant
that a friend who lives
on the other side
of the village gave us,
also five or six
years ago.

These little green plums
will soon be turning red.
They're on a tree
in the neighbors' yard.
The neighbors are
very generous
about sharing them.
They are very fine
cooked in a tart.

These same
have eight or ten
peach trees too.
One year they told us
to go pick as many
as we wanted. We
came away with more
than 20 lbs. of them.
We made many
quarts of confiture.

And, finally,
apples. Looks
like we'll have
a bumper crop.
We have four trees
in our yard and
we are often
It all adds up
to a lot of
and jelly.


  1. Fruits should grow directly into jars.

    1. Bonjour Cousin

      On peut toujours avoir des poires dans les bouteilles - surtout les liqueurs :-)

  2. We need to get a decent, and thornless Blackberry...
    the wild ones on our land are just pants!
    At the allotment in Leeds we planted a variety called Waldo...
    nice, large, juicy fruit...
    but, instead of nice open fruit like yours, above, they were all clumped...
    the "king fruit" picked easily...
    that is how we knew they had good flavour...
    the rest of the bunch were almost impossible to pick without squishing them...
    that is how we knew they were juicy!!
    And don't count you cherries until they are in the jar...

    1. ...just pants...? What does that mean? Drawers?

      In past years, the birds have gotten almost all the blackberries before I could get to them. They're like the sloes — birds seem to get the ripeness memo before I do.

    2. Ken... to say something is "pants" in UK-Anglais is to mean that it is absolutele rubbish...
      as in....
      "this new electric toothbrush is absolute pants... it wouldn't polish a mirror, let alone my teeth!"
      "I've had an absolute pants day" or "This hire car is just pants"....
      so with regard to our wild blackberries, they are all rubbish...
      they look the part, nice and shiny, tempting, worth picking...
      and in fact they are all pips... no juice, no flavour.

  3. Looks like a good year for making jams

  4. You are living in the garden of Eden!

  5. Fresh, fresh, fresh!
    Hey, I was just looking again at your last post, and I wanted to comment that the quality of those salad close-ups is GREAT. Is that the new camera?

    1. The first three photos came out of the new Canon camera, but the fourth one I took with an older Panasonic Lumix that I've been using in the kitchen for years.

  6. made (or rather tried to make) strawberry jam last night following recipe recently posted by David Lebovitz....mine came out more of a strawberry sauce and I had already cooked it twice as long as he did.....my berries always turn to syrup.....maybe I should put more berries in toward the end just to have some more sturdy ones in the end...I have dne other jams but strawberries have so much water in them, I have trouble

    1. I've never tried to make strawberry jam but Walt planted strawberries in the garden this spring. Maybe in a year or two we'll get enough to make some jam.

  7. The nobility who lived in your neck of the woods enjoyed a variety of fruits. It is amazing how quickly the plum tree you planted produced fruit.

  8. If you have too many apples, you could make hard cider and you wouldn't have to buy any more wine.

  9. Is it done as it is here, whereby if someone gives you are large quantity of fruit and you make say jam, then you give a jar of the jam to the person who gave you the fruit?


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