04 October 2012

The château in Montrésor

Montrésor made for a really nice first stop on our brief tour with Chris and Barbara from California last week. We were able to park and walk along the river trail below the château, enjoying the views. Montrésor is one of the 150 or so « plus beaux villages de France ».

These two photos are really the same one. I just cut it into two halves, top and bottom. In the one above, you see the château reflected in the still waters of the Indrois River — a stream, really; in French, a rivière or tributary of a larger river.

In the second photo, you see the château itself, standing high over the river and the landscape.

Here's the original photo.

The first fortifications were built on the site of present-day Montrésor over a thousand years ago, but almost all those structures were torn down in the 19th century. Most of the existing buildings, including the village church, date from the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th centuries.


  1. Lovely banner! Monet eat your heart out ;-)!

  2. LOL, Antoinette and Niall. Water lilies in the sky...

  3. You outdid yourself with beautiful photos! Love them all.

  4. Great reflection photos. Love the banner.

  5. Turned me upside down that banner, Ken.... great!
    Just listened to Archers on the Archos.... a great little machine.
    As you said.... found thye Livebox immediately. Thank you for doing the research.

  6. Love your new header photo.

  7. Tim, have you tried using a microSD card for extra storage on the Archos radio? I haven't had much luck with mine.

  8. Thanks Judeet, Evelyn, Ellen, Starman... can you tell that I turned the picture upside down to get the effect?

  9. Ken, we have a visitor... the Archos has just arrived... and Pauline has forbidden me from playing with it... so at the moment it is radio and alarum only!!
    I'll let you know around Friday next week!

    WV is fun... ion goal 130... designed to catch positrons?


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