15 October 2012


Here are two photos that I took in Amboise a couple of weeks ago. First, the château.

I'm posting these photos at a larger size that I normally upload to the blog. Click on them to see them at a larger size, and click on them again if you see the little magnifying glass cursor on the larger image.

The château in Amboise, on the Loire River

The weather this past weeked was nothing like what you see in my Amboise photos. Much of the Loire Valley got two inches — 50 mm — of rain on Saturday and Sunday. There was some flooding over in Chissay-en-Touraine, near Montrichard and Amboise. It was mostly basements and garages catching a lot of runoff from higher land during hard downpours.

Walt admiring the cakes and candies in the window of a well-known shop in Amboise

There were two "mini-tornadoes" reported on the news last night  — one in Vendée (west of us by a hundred miles or more, near the Atlantic coast), and the other near Marseille. There were injuries but no fatalities, and there was quite a bit of property damage consisting of fallen trees and big signs, along with roof tiles ripped off.

Luckily, we didn't have anything like that here in the Saint-Aignan area — at least not that I've heard about. We wanted to go to the L'Art et Lard festival (a food and art weekend) down in the village called Le Petit-Pressigny yesterday, but it was a wash-out. We were down there staying with friends Saturday night, but we just drove back home in the morning — an hour driving through heavy rain, with a lot of water standing on the roadways — to make sure the house was weathering the storm. It was — no leaks (good news!) and no power outages.


  1. We got an hour or so of clearer weather just after lunch, so we nipped out to l'Art et Lard - saw N&J, and K&J. A total washout of an event though. Such a shame, as it is one of the best usually and well worth going to.

  2. Ken, that masthead is a masterpiece of photography.
    Yesterday we met a young man from Amboise staying in Melbourne at the moment. We met at the Citroen Concours here as he is a Traction Avant enthusiast. I hope to put him in contact with S & S.

  3. We also managed to get to L'art et lard and much was good... but there was a violent thunderstorm at around 4pm... we nipped the 3 miles home then to check on the Livebox and transfer dough from the bread machine to the tin and then oven to rise... and went back... and carried on!
    Of the not good... much were just "daubs" at highly inflated prices.
    When there were magnificent illuminations on parchment to compare with something that looked like the 'artist' tripped whilst carrying a box of paints... and then fell on top of the 'work'... there ain't no choice in my book... especially as the 'dauber' was asking 1500€s for it!

  4. The Amboise photo is lovely. As you know I once saw Amboise at sunset all aglow and the memory is still there despite the fact that it happened 43 years ago.

    The ride home sounds awful, but good to know that your leak problem is fixed now.

  5. Luckily, you are on a hill, so you don't have flooding and stagnating water. Paul and I are thinking of going on a "petite virée" and I'll call if we come by your way on the way back.

  6. @ Bob Rossi ( re: your question from yesterday)


    or if you put " Chateau de Chenonceau + rive sud" in Google search , you will get the google map : satellite version shows the woods from D976 - Route de Tours - through which you can walk to get to the river bank .

  7. All good news for you :) Lovely photos :))

  8. Love the city, but the photo of Walt checking out the Chocolatier next to the Patisserie makes me long to be in France.


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