29 October 2012

Fall colors

Early on a foggy morning one day last week, the maple trees out front showed off their burnt orange color. The summertime furniture is still out on the terrace but it's not getting much use these days. Everything needs to be brought in.

Autumn at la Renaudière, outside Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher

The weather turned cold and clear for the weekend, with widespread frost Sunday morning and a temperature just barely above freezing at ground level. The sky is clear, but I'm in a fog because we changed from heure d'été to heure d'hiver Sunday morning. It's amazing how hard it is to get used to a one-hour time change.


  1. The Staff are with you on the living in the fog, Ken...
    They seem to have done something to the clocks here and we are getting fed at a different time to our stomachclock... we tried all yesterday to get them to notice we hadn't yet been fed... but they kept smiling at us and saying "Not time yet!"... and they seemed to be a bit dazed all day themselves.... on Saturday evening they kept saying that they were about to "Fall backwards".... very odd behaviour you humans have... no wonder our mothership has sent us down here to keep an eye on you.

  2. Autumn colors - best time.
    Pull out the overcoats and scarves, light an open fire and pour a glass of port, coffee and cheese and an old time movie.
    All seasons have their best parts.

  3. Leon, all those are good ideas, and we will take your advice. We have Californians coming over tonight for an apéritif dinatoire...

    Ron Ron, Bertie is definitely raising a stink about getting his breakfast at the wrong time. Who started this "fall back" thing, anyway?

  4. Well, now, that is one lovely photo--and a scene I don't remember seeing before on your blog (the autumn-ness of it).

    When do we change the clocks in the U.S.??

  5. Judy, I don't know. In November, for sure.

  6. Judy

    It's going to be next Sunday November 4th.

  7. Your maples are beautiful. Ours are now on the turn--think they were at their best while we were in the UK last week.

    We got an earful from our two furries as well; in addition to the earful we got for leaving them for a week despite them being superbly looked after by Ron-Ron [& Bagger]'s humans!!

  8. I've never had a problem with the time change other than to think it's utterly stupid. RonRon seems to have turned his clock the wrong way.


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