03 November 2008

T.I.L.A.W.I.F (2)

The glassed-in sun porch and gradually bringing in all the potted plants as the weather turns colder.

Especially nice on a sunny morning

The geraniums and a lot of plantes grasses — succulents — are the main ones that need protection from the cold.

And then this from just five minutes ago:

A November 3 rainbow


  1. Great porch :-)
    Great house.
    Have you changed your header..like this one!

  2. At one end of that rainbow is the best pot of rillons in the world, and way at the other end is a new president. (But we have to wait to see which one.)

  3. We won't have to wait to long for our new president--it's almost all over now, hopefully we'll be very happy this time Wednesday morning.

    I'm a fan of your header also, Ken. Love a November rainbow.

  4. Is it the "Jade of the Desert" that I see at the bottom left of the picture?

  5. Blogger didn't like the second part of my comment which was:
    I hope the message Iris will bring us will be of hope and change and not of the same and gloom.

  6. Yes, CHM, that is the desert jade on the bottom left.

    Evelyn, Carolyn, CHM, I plan to stay up all night tomorrow (Tues.) to watch the coverage. The first polls close on the East Coast at 1:00 a.m. French time. N.C. polls close at 1:30, I think. The whole world is watching.

  7. The one thing that you feel listening to Obama is hope. If this man is indeed elected, he has the ability and brains to inspire a nation, a nation that so badly needs repair. There is no doubt that this is the most exciting campaign since Kennedy/Nixon.

  8. chm knows how to play with words :-)

    I am watching Comedy Central with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert . I am tired listening to the pundits on cable or the other networks

  9. I'll take that beautiful rainbow as a good omen for a multicultural society under an Obama administration.

    Very nice sunporch, too.


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