07 November 2008

This makes me happy

Barack Obama won in North Carolina. Add 15 electoral votes to his total. Here's a link to a Washington Post article.

Polls in France show that something like 85 to 90 percent of the French people say they are happy that Obama was elected. French politicians are jealous.

I think I heard this from Jack Lang in his Télématin interview yesterday morning: On the question of whether French President Nicolas Sarkozy had talked to President-Elect Obama, the answer was no. Sarkozy has several messages in to Obama's staff people, but no phone call has been scheduled so far.

Sarkozy made a big deal out of his admiration and respect for George W. Bush and American free-market ideas when he was running for president here. That was before the Bush administration decided to "go socialist" by nationalizing the mortgage lending corporations and the big banks.

Before he was president, Sarkozy also said of the children of recent immigrants from Africa, born in France, that they were racaille, which the Collins-Robert dictionary translates as "rabble, riffraff." At the time, the English-language press translated it as "scum." Sarkozy also said what was needed in the immigrant neighborhoods north and east of Paris was a good wash-down with fire hoses.

Maybe Sarkozy will now tone down some of his comments to fit in with a new spirit of politics brought on by the change of regime in Washington.


  1. Ken

    Obama made 9 phone cals to the Head of State yesterday. I believe to the G7 group, Israel, China and ??. I know the PM of Canada did mention about his phone call last night.

  2. Sarkozy better learn to watch his mouth;-)

    News here in Alabama is that Robert Gibbs from Auburn may be named Obama's press secretary. Gibbs has worked for Obama since 2004 and has talent.

    Our local newspaper is selling extra copies of their headline and Obama photo-the headline was "IN OUR LIFETIME".

    I was so happy to hear about NC and VA going our way.

  3. You should be careful when you use the word "regime." Only our enemies are regimes, our friends have governments!

    I'm sorry poor Mrs. Dole lost her job. Maybe she can make commercials for Cialis or Levitra?

  4. since i spend summers in NC I am soooo glad it finally went blue.....and got rid of mme dole....i like the idea of her making cialis commercials with bob...hahaha

  5. But what is for lunch and dinner? Me, I am having left over chicken fajitas at my desk for lunch and probably a nasty hot dog at the high school football game for dinner - at least I will be having fun with the kids. It should be in the low 60s with calm winds once the sun goes down in Central Texas.

  6. I'm not sure that Missouri's status in all this has been finalized, yet. CNN still shows us in grey, but... they still show NC as grey, as well. I'm pretty sure that it will go McCain, though, because as I've seen the count updated, it has been going up for McCain. On election night, it was only a bout 4,000 or so more for McCain, but now it's more like 13,000 ahead. Well... it's to be expected in Missouri, unfortunately. Outside of the major cities, there really are lots of hicks (sorry, but it's true), and lots of Republicans.

    Happy weekend!

  7. Exit polls are saying that the age group 18-25 went for Obama about 66-33%. That's the age of nearly all my university students. In all the US only one major college paper endorsed McCain (I think it was U. of Mississippi). ALL the rest endorsed Obama. I think it's because when he talks Obama sounds like an adult, the kind that younger people want to be.

    Dennis Martin

  8. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger just turned democrat. He's going to increase taxes in California to fix deficit. The most shameful will be greens fees to play golf! Can you imagine? Those poor rich people may go broke and might have to find a job! My heart bleeds!

  9. @chm, your comments are always enjoyable, but today's are wickedly delightful.


  10. Thanks. I'm basically a nasty person!

  11. Ken
    We are so happy that the USA and especially NC voted correctly for a new President. As you know, our sister in law went to NC to help as a volunteer in the "get out the voted effort". She had a great experience and is still on a high from the two weeks of excitement. As a life long democrat I have had relatively few "Post election Tuesdays" to sing Happy Days are here again. Hope you are doing well. Conn

  12. I hope the election of Barack Obama has this sort of influence on Sarkozy, but honestly, I'm afraid it won't happen. Maybe I'm too pessimistic!


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