28 November 2008

Menu with sky views

On the river road in Montlouis there's a little restaurant called Les Terrasses just up the street from François Chidaine's wine shop/tasting room. I was looking at the menu and the carte when I noticed the reflections of trees and sky.

If you click on the pictures, you might be able to read the menus. Everything is translated into English, and it's always interesting to see such translations in France.

For example, did you know that « crudités diverses » is called "crudness of seasons" in English? Want some? Or how about the "chop of pig with sauce"? And the "pig's trip sausage" — I think that should be "tripe" or "chitterlings." Anyway, I'm sure the food is good. We didn't get to try it.


  1. We enjoyed the "fish dumplings with scum" at a Parisian restaurant.

  2. what do you think sauce americaine is? ketchup?

  3. Chris, so it was good? Was it the dumpling or the scum that you liked best?

    PJ, sauce américaine is definitely a tomato sauce, but hopefully not as sweet as ketchup.

  4. The "scum" was good, but the fish part of the dish had the most flavor, as the "scum" was very light. I described the connotations of the word with the genial owner and suggested that "froth" or "mousse" might be better for a menu. He took notes.

  5. Chris, that was nice of you. Next time you visit, we'll have to have lunch at Les Terrasses in Montlouis and give them some translation help.

  6. You can do the talking. I'll be in the car with the engine running.


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