05 November 2008

Note to self

Self: the next time the brilliant idea of pulling an all-nighter takes possession of you, walk immediately to the medicine cabinet, take a couple of Tylenol PM tablets, and then go lie down to think it over.

While lying there, dream about how, when you were in college 40 years ago, it would take your mind and soul a week to recover from just one sleepless night spent cramming for an exam.

I'll get back to the blog in a few days, when the fog lifts and it has all had time to sink in.


  1. I managed a post this morning, but I did fall asleep around 4 o'clock ;)

  2. Our Birmingham newspaper is late this morning-I bet they will have a special section about this election.

    Our Anniston paper has a big photo of Obama smiling (his smile lights up a room;-) with the headlines saying, "IN OUR LIFETIME".

    It was good to wake up to this day.


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