15 January 2007

Wanadoo e-mail problems?

I'm hearing a lot of noise on Internet forums about difficulties people in the U.S. are having getting e-mail messages through to Wanadoo addresses (like mine). The people have "issues" are not all using the same e-mail service provider, so it's not that Wanadoo is blocking e-mails from specific servers.

One person mentioned that e-mail sent from comcast.net won't go through, for example.

If you are having problems sending e-mail to me or to Walt, let us know by leaving a comment on one of our blogs.

1 comment:

  1. some of my friends have been having issues because wanadoo have changed their smtp without telling their costumers... Typical wanadoo though!
    Thanks for posting at Vieux, C'est Mieux !


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