15 April 2006

Shopping around Les Halles and rue Montorgueil

The apartment we rented for our recent Paris trip wasn't too far from the rue Montorgueil. We ended up walking through that street several times over the course of the week. Back in 1979-82, I lived in the neighborhood, in a 6th floor walk-up apartment on the rue St-Sauveur, just a few steps off the street shown in this picture.

A rainy day on the rue Montorgueil in Paris

The rue Montorgueil was turned into a pedestrian mall about 15 years ago, and a lot of the old businesses, mostly food shops, have been turned into restaurants and cafés now. But quite a few of the fromageries, poissonneries, boucheries, and boulangeries are still there. Even on a rainy gray day the atmosphere is busy and colorful.

One of the oldest shops on the street is the Pâtisserie Stohrer, which has been there since the early 1700s. Here are a couple of pictures.

The pâtisserie's tile floor and logo at the front door

A window display chez Stohrer

Looking into the Stohrer shop

Not too far away from the rue Montorgueil is the Dehillerin kitchen shop. I posted a picture of the storefront earlier. Here are a couple of photos I took inside the store.

Chez Dehillerin, copper and white porcelaine

Copper pots and pans chez Dehillerin

Another Les Halles kitchen shop, nearby on the rue Etienne-Marcel, is La Bovida. It's also worth a visit.

There's plenty to do on a rainy day in Paris.

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  1. These are beautiful photos of Paris. You really capture the atmosphere and show how lovely Paris can be, even on a rainy day!


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