20 April 2006

Digging ditches

Ditch digging isn't what it used to be. The guy in this fine green digging machine has the job of redigging ours after the sewer pipes are laid and buried.

* * *

Here are some things I saw in store windows in Montrichard yesterday afternoon.

A sugar-covered gâteau called a Montrichard

Chicken candles

Figures in an optician's shop


  1. These are great photos, I love the little shop window shots.

    So what exactly is a Montrichard cake?

  2. All I know is that it is a gâteau aux amandes. I was in Montrichard again yesterday and saw the gâteaux in a different shop, with a label that said "aux amandes". I haven't bought one yet...

  3. Bonjour !

    Hé, hé, now YOU KNOW what they taste and so do... I :-) ! The one I bought in Montrichard was really good and not at all "étouffe-chrétien"/stodgy, lol ! The lady who ran the shop was right, the cake was really "léger", but it must contain a certain amount of calories though ;-) !!!

    I can still smell the chocolate smell which pervaded this sweet shop, miam miam :-) !!! Loved our stay in Touraine, it's "un paradis de la gourmandise"... But had better "faire attention à ma ligne" before my daughter gets married :-) !!! Bises. Marie (Normandie, France)


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