28 March 2006

A post you will never see (or maybe later...)

Here's a recent picture of Walt emerging from a bou-
with a baguette. I took the picture in the town of Fougères-sur-Bièvre, located 15 miles or so north of Saint-Aignan.

This morning I spent three hours writing a very complete description of our recent tour of a beautiful little château here called Villesavin, near Chambord. I published it and then noticed some font problems in the text. I went back to fix them, and suddenly the Blogger software burped and my topic just disappeared, pictures and all. Very frustrating. Blogger is free software, and I guess you get what you pay for. And then again, maybe it was my fault entirely. Ah, computers...


  1. Well, I've seen it! I love the vivid colors and design of the Bakery.

    Sorry for your loss of text. When we got our first Mac, we'd lose something everyday it seemed. Very frustrating indeed.

  2. Oh no! How utterly frustrating! I bet it was a wonderful blog entry, too. How's strike day going?

  3. My impression is that the strikes have been widely followed, but that there has been little violence and vandalism up to now. As night falls, that maybe change, but I hope not.

    I'll try to redo the Villesavin post next week, when I'll have more time. Blogger has been very flakey all day.

  4. Evelyn, from now on I will write my text in a word processor and copy and paste it into the Blogger application. I feel dumb for losing the text that was vaporized earlier today. It was of course of masterpiece quality. You'll have to take my word for that.

  5. No matter how long we use computers, it's hard to get used to the idea that they lose stuff at times. We get really vigilant after we lose data, and then we relax over time. I'm going to go run a backup right now!

    Sorry, Ken.

  6. "It was of course of masterpiece quality. You'll have to take my word for that."

    On n'en a jamais douté, lol ! Bises. Marie qui se demandait pourquoi on ne verrait plus jamais Walt sortir d'une boulangerie, une baguette à la main ;-)

  7. Ouahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mon message apparaît déjà, lol !!! Super ! Marie qui est contente de te dire qu'il... fait beau en Normandie ce matin, oui, oui, c'est vrai, na :-) !!!


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