28 March 2006

Demonstrations ; local sights

There doesn't seem to have been an extraordinary amount of violence and vandalism in yesterdays big demonstrations in France. I think the next move is President Chirac's, as far as this new First Job Contract controversy goes.

According to the police, a million people in more than 200 towns and cities across France participated in the demonstrations. According to organizers, there were three million participants. There was some violence, but it appears not to have been bad enough to make the headlines.

* * *

We are going to continue to be very busy over the next 10 days or so, without much time for blogging.

The church towers in Saint-Aignan seen from the market square
in the middle of town.

Châteauvieux, near Saint-Aignan

How's this for a place nobody has ever heard of? It's called Châteauvieux. Population 575 (yes, not even close to a thousand). I's five or so miles southeast of Saint-Aignan. The château is used as a retirement home these days. The town has one grocery store that operates a small café for lunches, and it has a lot of troglodyte buildings and dwellings. It's on my circuit of local châteaux that I show visitors.

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