26 January 2019

Chémery : le château

A while back, I found this old photo of the Château de Chémery somewhere on the internet. I can't remember where, so I can't give credit.

Chémery is located just 7.5 miles northeast of Saint-Aignan. Not much is known about the ancient history of the château because all the archives that would have documented it were destroyed during the 1789 Revolution and the following years. Seeing this old photo reminded me of some photos I've take in Chémery over the years. Here's one from 2006.

French Wikipedia says the Château de Chémery was built in the early 1200s by a local seigneur (lord) named Regnault. The château complex is completely surrounded by a moat. It is known, apparently, that the property belonging to the château at the time of the French Renaissance in the 1500s measured some 600 hectares (about 1500 acres).

The Count of Saint-Aignan, René de Beauvilliers, owned the Château de Chémery as well as the Château de Saint-Aignan in the 1700s. Beauvilliers was one of Louis XIV's closest advisers and friends. The king assigned him responsibility for the royal children's education. In 1729, Chémery's château was turned into a simple ferme — just a regular old farm — according to Wikipedia. In the 1970s, it was owned for a brief time by the French singer/songwriter Alain Souchon, whose family lived in the area.


  1. In all the years we have been visiting or living in this part of France I don't think we have ever been to Chémery. Must put that right this year!

  2. It's an attractive place. Online it looks like it may be operating as a gite with rooms for rent.

  3. I think we visited Chemery with Marie and Florence, non? I sure do miss France right now.

    1. Yes we did, E. That was in April 2006.

    2. Almost 13 years ago! I can't get over how time flies now.

  4. Oh, this is so lovely! So many places to visit in France.


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