15 November 2014

A postprandial Paris promenade

After I left the Café Louis-Philippe, with a good hearty lunch and some wine under my belt (or "behind my tie" — what tie? — as you might say in French — derrière la cravate), I headed north into the Marais proper. I still had more than two hours to make it to the Gare d'Austerlitz to catch my train back to Saint-Aignan.

The scene above shows a famous fast-food place on the Rue des Rosiers, which is the heart of the old Jewish community in the now-trendy Marais neighborhood. All these people are lined up to buy a falafel sandwich and take it someplace else to eat it. I did this once, on a summery day, with friends (Evelyn, Lewis, Marie, and Linda). We took our falafel and crudités sandwiches over to the Place des Vosges and found a bench where we could sit and eat them.

On another subject: I didn't take any pictures yesterday, and I didn't have to do any eavesdropping. English and Australian friends came over for a lunch that lasted most of the afternoon. This is my note to myself so that I won't forget the details.

On the menu:
  • as hors-d'œuvres, smoked cod liver canapés + little puff-pastry shells stuffed with snails in garlic-parsley butter
  • creamy corn (garden-grown, BTW) and potato chowder as a starter course
  • for the main course, braised Belgian endives and ham in a cheese sauce (gratin d'endives au jambon)
  • goat's- and ewe's-milk cheeses pre-dessert (because we really needed to eat more cheese)
  • for dessert, a Walt's special blueberry tart
  • Chablis, Irancy (Burgundy), and a couple of our local Touraine wines to wash it all down

Most of the recipes were fairly simple, but a lot of prep work went into making everything, much of it from scratch. It all made for a very pleasant afternoon of conversation with interesting guests.


  1. look at that line; must be good if there is a long wait!

  2. Sounds like the perfect lunch menu!

  3. Love the photo of L'As and note it's still popular. That picnic was a lot of fun.

    Your menu is over the top- excellent wines, too! Miam, miam.

  4. Absolutely fabulous food, plus great company. Thanks so much guys. Those endives will certainly be making an appearance back home.
    Plus...the end to a wonderful day......a deer pranced across the road in front of us on the way home. Yes, pranced! (Sue)

  5. Oh,my, that menu sounds great, especially knowing it's all freshly made at home.


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