17 November 2014


In the Marais neighborhood of central Paris, schoolboys play basketball behind the Eglise Saint-Paul Saint-Louis during the Toussaint holiday break.

The dark red porte cochère (courtyard door) in the background is the entrance to the Lycée Charlemagne, a high school.

The church tower, covered in tarps and scaffolding, is undergoing renovations.


  1. Amazing lighting in these photos. And, it's really interesting how both photos catch the balls in the air -- not a one on the ground. I love the one against the wall, where, at first, I thought that was a girl doing ballet moves :)

  2. Hi Ken, these are both great snaps! And what a cool school! Nothing like the ones I attended in suburban California. Perhaps I would have paid more attention to history if I had attended school in buildings where some history had actually occurred….

  3. Wow. Those are gorgeous photos. How do you make them so huge?

    1. Betty, the photos that come directly out of my camera are probably twice the size of the ones I post on the blog. The maximum size that Blogger seems to take is 1,600 pixels in either height or width. I use Photoshop Element to resize the originals and make them fit the blog.

  4. fantastic looks like in Alice Wonderland..


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