18 November 2014

La rue des Lions-Saint-Paul in Paris

After my lunch in Paris, I walked up into the Marais to look for some bagels. It was just an idea that occurred to me. I also stopped in the shop called Izraël to look around, and I bought a little bottle of sesame oil, which we can't find locally. I never did find any bagels of the kind I wanted to take back home to Saint-Aignan. Tant pis...

Following my walk along the Rue des Rosiers, past the restaurant called L'As du Fallafel and its long line of customers, I thought I'd better head back down toward the river and the Gare d'Austerlitz. I didn't want to miss my four o'clock train. As I wandered, one of the most interesting streets I discovered is the one that carries the sign to the left.

I don't think I'd ever walked through here before, in all my years in Paris. The street starts on the Boulevard Henri-IV, not too far from the Pont de Sully, and ends at the Rue Saint-Paul. Another street in the area that I want to go back to and explore is the Rue Beautreillis.

My walk through the street started here, at its top. The corner tower (tour d'angle) was what first caught my eye:

It turns out that the Rue des Lions-Saint-Paul was created in 1560 in a neighborhood that had been the site of a royal palace in the late 1300s, during the 100 Years War, under kings Charles V and Charles VI. Their residence was demolished during the Renaissance under king François 1er's reign and several of the streets in the area date back to the mid-1500s.

More tomorrow...


  1. Hi Ken. I'm curious to know about the establishment to the
    left of the tower with the sign of the horse.

  2. a guard tower to protect the villagers - "go away or we shall taunt you a second time"!

  3. sesame oil sounds interesting. Do you use it at your cuisine?

  4. Despite the huge wave of American food that has come over France, I think I have yet to eat bagels here.

  5. Walt sometimes makes them, and they can be really good spread with fromage à tartiner and a slice of smoked salmon. I've never found bagels here in the Loire Valley, not even in Blois or Tours, but there are quite a few bagel shops in Paris now.

  6. hi Ken, I think Monoprix sell sesame oil, but the nearest would probably be Tours or Romo? Also, there was an article in La Nouvelle République earlier this year about 3 young people who now have 2 places, called Bagels and Coffee, in Tours, they have good reviews on Tripadvisor, sounds interesting, hth

    1. Thanks mccork, I'll have to look for Bagels and Coffee the next time I'm in Tours. I go to the Asian supermarket called Paris Store when I'm in Tours, which is two or three times a year.


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