04 May 2014

Three photos from yesterday morning

I was out with Callie and the camera yesterday morning. Here are three things I saw.

The first thing I noticed, as I headed out the back door, was the cuckoo. It was cuckooing loudly, and it was perched in one of its favorite spots in the area — at the top of the tallest tree around, which happens to be in our yard. People say you hear the cuckoo all the time in spring, but that you seldom if ever see one. I see this one fairly often, but from afar.

The second thing I noticed was weird clouds in the northern sky. They looked like they could have been condensation trails left by jets flying over, but I don't really think that's what they were. They blew away fairly quickly, because it was a windy morning.

And finally, I saw a new view of the vineyard. Usually I see the vines spread out ahead of me like a carpet or blanket. But this time I noticed a hole in the woods that grow along a water course in a low area. Through the hole, I could see a patch of vines that are turning greener and greener with each passing day.


  1. Great set of pix...
    recognised the cuckoo in the thumbnail pic on our sidebar...
    absolute classic!!

    Those certainly weren't vapour trails...
    I could see them yesterday on the satellite view on Sat24...
    I thought the screen needed a clean, but then the mark vanished.
    To the West there was an air current moving SSW....
    to the East it was moving NNE...
    I wondered yesterday if it was something to do with a sheer action between the fronts??

  2. Ken, I have heard cuckoo many times in my country but I have never seen it personally. Thanks a lot.The vineyard is so lovely.

  3. Love the vines through the trees with full spring color!

  4. Coucou, Ken. Merci pour les belles photos. Bon dimanche.

  5. You outdid yourself this corning. All three would be great in prints :-)


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