17 May 2014

No more panes

Here is the "before" shot. I won't be able to take the "after" shot until... well, after the work is done this morning. Finally, after 11 years, we are having this big French porte-fenêtre in the living room replaced.

Each panel of this window/door is 80 cm, so it's more than three meters wide. That's 10½ feet. The new window will be a sliding-glass affair without the divided lights (the little pains panes of glass). Then it will finally match all the other windows in our house — the ones we have had put in over the past 10 years.

The look will be totally different, and we'll get more light in the living room than we get now. The new window will be double-glazed and air-tight. The old one has almost no insulating qualities — it might as well be a screen door, for all the cold air it lets in — and it's a pain to keep clean. More tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations!
    It will be so much better.......you will love it.

    1. The work is almost finished. I like ti already. So much cleaner, more practical...

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. It's a shame that these doors were not double-pane glass -- I love the look of them! But, I know that you'll love that uninterrupted view and the far easier cleaning of the new sliders.
    p.s. Your wall paint color is really pretty, and I like that cream-colored hutch very much.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the new door tomorrow!

  5. It is so gratifying when a project that's been in the works is finally happening! Can't wait for the reveal.

    Mary in OR

  6. So I am waiting for a new look, shortly.

  7. The new windows look great both from the inside and looking at them from the road view.


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