11 May 2014

Memories: 1988

It's hard to believe that 1988 was more than 25 years ago. Lately, I've been spending time on my computer going through old files and photos, trying to put some order into it and eliminate a lot of duplicates. I came across this old photo yesterday. It's a scan of a snapshot.

I wasn't quite 40 years old, and Walt was nearing 30. Look at all that dark hair!

Walt and I had moved from Washington DC to California in the autumn of 1986, so we were two years into what would be our 18-year stay out there on the West Coast. We had already been living together for five years.

An old friend — Peter, who we had met in Paris and who had also ended up in Washington — came to San Francisco to spend a week or two. He took some photos, including the ones above.


  1. I believe that over thirty years together is quite an achievement in this day and age. Walt is recognisable, but you less so. They grey hair comes to us all, although I hadn't imagined you with such dark hair.

    This has got me thinking about how Tim and I looked thirty years ago. I think you might have started something here...

  2. P.S., Gaynor, I just added another photo to the post above — one in which I'm not hiding my face with my hands.

  3. aren't you two the handsome couple! and still together (and crazy) after all these years!

  4. cutest
    really.... just lovely and to think of all the years you've had together. how lucky you are! :-)

  5. There's something to be said about growing old together...but it is fun to look back on our youth, non? You are still a good looking couple. Happy Anniversary.

  6. You are still both young at heart and happy. That what really matters, not grey hair.

  7. Yup, these are the guys I met back in 1981! Dark hair, grey hair, still the same interesting, talented guys!
    (p.s. Peter from our Alma group?)

  8. Judy, yes, Peter Edwards. We last saw him in 2006, but have had some news by e-mail since then.

    Thanks N., E., A.M., and OFG.

  9. So that's the handsome couple 25 years ago!!!

    Mary in OR


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