16 May 2014

Saints at Chartres

I'm trying to configure a new modem/router this morning, and it hasn't been going well. Wish me luck. Meanwhile, here's another view of statuary at the Cathédrale de Chartres. I'm thinking of going to Chartres again in a couple of weeks. It's been a while.

I guess I could use some help from these guys, who are, I assume, saints of the church. Maybe they don't do tech support.


  1. "Maybe they don't do tech support....."
    They might...
    the one on the left appears to be holding a Compact Flash card!!
    May the force be with you....

  2. LOL Tim, the one on the right has the manual and the one in the middle has a kleenex to wipe away his tears because the modem is a bear to install.

    Looking forward to your Chartres visit ;-)

  3. Well, I know that the Royal Portal here shows Eleanor of Aquitaine somewhere.... but, I think I've read, also, that 7 areas of learning are all portrayed here, too, depicted as women somehow. So... maybe not saints here? I'm excited that you may be going there soon!

  4. Go. Its such an uplifting place. I have on my screen several photos of chartres cathedral. Its newly cleaned surfaces are wonderful.

  5. Uh-oh, I just bought my first router-modem, to get out of the clutches of Time-Warner. Perhaps the saints of Chartres will assist in my installation.

  6. Hi Emm, Evelyn, Judy, LOL and thanks for the info. Richard, I agree with you and my plans are set now.

    By the way, I called the modem-router company's tech support line yesterday. My problem came from the fact that the D-Link device I had ordered from Amazon.fr was not compatible with the DSL signal provided by Orange, the big French phone company. I had no way of knowing that. Actually, in the modem setup software, you could choose Orange from a list of service providers and it gave you the idea that it should work fine. Arrrgh. I have to send the thing back and I've ordered a different model now.


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