13 July 2011

Video of the Tour at Orbigny

Okay, I know I've done a lot of posts about the Tour de France. Here's one more — just for the châteaux, really.

It's a short video of the Tour de France passing through the village of Orbigny, 7 or 8 miles south of Saint-Aignan. It starts with a clip showing the Château Le Mousseau, then shows the riders going through the countryside and past our vantage point, and finally shows a clip of the Château de L'Estang from the air.

Credit for the video goes to France 2 television.
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It's a little less than five minutes of video. The best way to watch it is to click the "Watch on YouTube" button on the control bar under the clip. Or click here. At kilometer 64.7 — watch the countdown on the screen — you can see me, Walt, and our friends by the side of the road, watching the cyclists speed by and taking pictures. The châteaux are a lot more interesting — truth be told.


  1. I remember having a glimpse at Le Mousseau several years ago with you. As well as l'Estang last year. Please give my regards to H. and A., and K. and J.

  2. It took me several tries, but I finally saw you and the group. Don't know where Callie was. I think we live in times with amazing technology.

    I did see riders throwing what looked like soda cans out into the crowd. Yikes!

  3. Yay, I finally got to see (sort of) you guys

    I noticed you've dropped the word verification. Another big YAY!

  4. Was that at 3.37 min into the video?
    We get the very same coverage with Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin

  5. Yep, you two look just the way I remember you.

  6. After a couple of RWD I saw the gang :-)

  7. Evelyn, the riders throw their empty water bottles off to the side of the road. No danger of really hurting anybody, I guess.

    Leon and Sue, probably right, about that far into the video.

    We were just barely visible but it was fun for us to see and recognize ourselves.

  8. Le Mousseau is beautiful - kind of reminiscent of Cheverny in shape. It must be a private chateau, as I couldn't find much about it on the net.

  9. You still have almost all of your 15 minutes left!

  10. I saw you at about 3:25 into the film. Very cool! How nice that you weren't in a crowd but had almost a private viewing of the tour. Love the beautiful countryside, fields of sunflowers, and elegant chateaux.

  11. I finally got to watch the video. Fun to get a glimpse of you guys on the side of the road! What an experience. Like being a spectator at the Boston Marathon, only with better scenery and sexier accents (well, it all depends on personal tastes, I guess). Thanks!


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