10 July 2011

There we were, spectating

I wonder if any of you ever managed to see us — me really, because I'm the most visible of the two of us on the screen — standing out there on the side of the road watching the Tour de France go by. The picture is below. I know it's me in the picture, anyway, and Walt does. You probably wouldn't recognize me, even if we are old friends, as some us are.

A still captured from TV video — I added the labels.
Click the picture to enlarge it.

One reason to watch the TV coverage of the Tour de France is to see the aerial photography or video of the villages, towns, churches, and châteaux along the route. Not to mention the fields of sunflowers, the rivers, and the beautiful countryside in general. I recorded and have made a DVD of the coverage in our area, including segments on the castles at Chaumont-sur-Loire, Montrichard, Chisseaux, Chenonceau, and Montpoupon, and our neighboring villages to the south called Orbigny and Nouans-les-Fontaines.

This is the Château de l'Estang, near Orbigny and very near
the place where we set up to watch the Tour de France go by.
The château is privately owned and not open to the public.

I was hoping for a rainy weekend, but the forecast was wrong. It was dry and windy yesterday morning, and dry and less windy yesterday afternoon. I need to go out and water the garden. Yesterday was a lazy day. About all I did was, in the afternoon, make a batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies, because I was hungry.

Cars sponsored by a fruit syrup manufacturer
in the Tour de France "caravan"

Oh yeah, and I worked on the video all day. It's frustrating, because the quality of stills you capture from video are in no way a match for the stills that come out of my little digital camera. And posting video is a lot of trouble for the result you get. I'll keep working on it, but I'm not optimistic about getting anything of good quality posted.

Gentils gendarmes and kooky cookies
in the Tour de France caravan

At 7:30 this Sunday morning, we are getting a few drops of rain. Let's hope it lasts. Walt just came back from a walk with the dog, and said we'll have more summer squash to harvest this week, and reported that the tomatoes are "going crazy out there." We are moving into the heart of the summer season.


  1. So you're famous now, having been on international television! :) Sorry I missed it, because I didn't watch any TV during my short vacation in England...

  2. Ken,
    Will you post your Cecil B masterpiece on U-Tube? If so, let us know.
    Chenonceau looked magnificent from the helicopter from here on my couch in Melbourne.

  3. I still haven't seen "le tour". I rely on you Ken(and Walt).

  4. Too bad postage is sooooo outrageous to send a disc to the states. Otherwise, I would offer to buy one of your copies to see the beauty of your area as shown on the Tour.

    Regrettably, I was unable to watch it.

    When one uses the flavored sirops, do you suggest tonic water to mix or what? Please inform the uninformed :0

    Nice photo - but you are right, hardly distinguishable!

  5. Does anyone know of any website in the US where we can watch the Tour? I don't get Versus TV. I am more interested in the scenery around it than in the competition LOL

  6. Fortunately, tomatoes love heat, so you should do well with some deep soaking every few days.

    I don't know if I would have recognized you from that shot, so thanks for labeling it. Glad you got that close to the action!

  7. Glad that y'all had a great day! It must have been amazing, seeing that many riders coming by at such a speed!!!

  8. Hi Ginny, once you know it's me you can see it, I think. The heat is good. Supposed to be in the upper 80s today. So dry...

    Tom, bad luck on the commercial placement. Did you realize I sent you the wrong kilometer reading the first time? Hope you didn't spend time looking at 67.4. Second time, I got it right: 64.7. I have a video clip up on YouTube but don't know if I'm violating copyright laws by posting a clip from French TV coverage. I'll wait a day or two and see if they take it down.

    James, it was great. Short, but great.

    Cindy, my mother was watching the Tour on her cable TV in NC yesterday when I talked to her, but I don't know on what channel.

  9. I probably saw this but had no ideas it was you guys.


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