18 July 2011

Désastreuse !

Une météo désastreuse ! Catastrophique ! L'automne en juillet. Vacanciers malheureux, les pieds dans l'eau. Parapluies. Imperméables. Pullovers. All that has to do with what's happened to the weather. Temperatures now are unseasonably chilly, and France has finally started to get some rain. It's snowing in the Alps.

It's too bad the chilly, damp weather has to come just when most of the population seems to have gone on summer vacation — les grandes vacances. But this is not unusual. The weather in France is notoriously temperamental. It's a reality of life here. First you get hot air from Spain and the Sahara, then you get cold air from the British Isles and Scandinavia. The weather forecasters on TéléMatin are really playing it up this morning.

The vegetable garden a couple of days ago

We had lunch with British friends last week. They live most of the year in England, and spend a few weeks here in France in a holiday home. They said the weather in England had been damp and chilly for several weeks. Now it's moved down this way. The high pressure system that brings warmth has moved westward out over the Atlantic.

The vineyard and our hamlet in the sunshine — a memory...

Summer will come back, in all likelihood. We had warm dry weather for nearly all of April, May, and June. In the meantime, there will be much tearing of hair and moaning about the wasted summer. You get used to it after a while.

We should have made this hot lunch for today's visitors.
But we had it yesterday instead.

One thing I like about this weather, besides the much-needed rain, is also something I liked about summer weather in San Francisco. It's not too warm to enjoy good hearty food. Soups, stews, and hot cheesy casseroles. We have friends coming to visit today, and we've got everything ready for salade niçoise. Oops.

Chicken wings marinated and cooked in ginger, soy sauce, and
five-spice powder, with brown rice and mustard greens

There will be no sitting out on the terrace for us today. I'm wondering if we might have to fire up the boiler.


  1. Ha! If you want to hear moaning about the weather, come to Seattle this week. It's everywhere. On the news, in the street, at the supermarket. Major twitching going on. We returned from Europe three days ago and found rain and chilly weather (61F yesterday afternoon!) France had her summer all right, (it started in April as everyone kept reminding us.) Seattle never had spring, and only three days of summer so far. Rain or no rain, I'd still fly back to France if I could! Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  2. Hmmpf. Well, I'll send you some of our extra high temps... it's going to be in the 100-102 F range all week, starting tomorrow. And, of course, drenchingly humid.

    That meal looks mighty tasty :) Maybe you should find some tasty soup in your freezer to go with the upcoming Salade Niçoise :) (Oh, heck, you're probably already finished with the lunch, at this point!)


  3. Hey, p.s.... your blogger thing isn't requiring me to use a "captcha" any more. Is that intentional? Walt's still does.

  4. After two months with weather in the 90-100 range + 50% humidity, we TNeans are loving the temps in the 60's with zero humidity.

    I'm in heaven right now... :)

  5. Still no screen captcha? (Trying with Firefox this time.)

  6. I was watching France 2( via TV5) this morning and when I saw the news, I am happy that we came in May. Looking for some shade is easier that walking in the cold weather or rain.

    Like Judy said, we can send you some 'very hot weather" from here. Too hot to cook- either grilling outside or salads and sandwiches.

  7. Hi Judy, I turned off word verification for comments. Blogger now has a spam filter for comments that catches most of the objectionable comments.

    French Girl in Seattle, our high temperature today was about 70F, so I guess we are doing okay. We are expecting a lot of rain and very high winds overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. But we'll always have that 2011 springtime!

    Not too hot to cook here. Tomorrow morning I'm going to roast a chicken. The Beav', come on by for lunch...

  8. So what wine goes with the wings and brown rice?

  9. E., whatever wine you like. Especially a light Touraine red.


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