28 July 2011

Bertie coming down the road

We've had Bertie the black cat for more than a year now. He seems to have established himself as a presence in the neighborhood. Not everybody is happy about that presence, but tant pis, I guess. At least Bertie doesn't come home all scratched up and dazed any more.

Bertie slinks down the road meowing when we call him.

Just a couple of days ago, the neighbor across the street was driving by and saw me out on the edge of the road, by our front gate. She stopped her car and backed up to talk to me. "Bertie is taking enormous liberties at our house," she announced. "He comes in through open windows, wanders the hallways and explores open rooms, and then he goes and eats our cats' kibble in the kitchen."

I was glad to be able to report on one of her cat's activities. She has a cat that is pure white — as white as Bertie is black. Our other neighbor, just a few days earlier, had come by to talk. The subject of cats came up. "Is yours the chat noir or the chat blanc?" she wanted to know. The chat noir, I said.

We don't see the black cat much anymore, but that white cat is in our house all the time. We have to be careful not to lock him in when we go out during the day, or when we go to stay overnight in Blois, M. said. The cat-owning neighbor was taken aback at this news. "What will I do if the white cat does get locked in over there?" she said. Don't worry, I told her — I have the keys to the house.


  1. We're about to hit the road -- on our way down to finally meet Ken and Walt in person. I'm trying to find pictures from the Pierwige time in 1970, Ken.

  2. Bertie is very svelte! That's funny about the neighbor's white cat doing unto others what Bertie is doing "chez eux".

  3. Often thought it would be fascinating to fix a 'cat cam' to our moggies just to see what they really get up to! Know Katinka visits our neighbors when they're here.
    Walt's right, Bertie does look a lot like Shadow.

  4. I hadn't thought about cats hopping in windows without screens. Our cat has gotten locked in the garage next door before. They are definitely curious creatures.

    We've been catching raccoons who have been coming in our pet door. We knew they were coming in because they washed the kibbles and muddied up the cat's water. We took six to a new home near a lake and creek with a waterfall. Their new place is about six miles away and they haven't returned.

  5. Interesting news about the window hopping! I guess I am surprised that other critters aren't getting in, as well.

    Ellen, by now, you must be there, visiting Ken and Walt! Evelyn.... raccoons! Yikes!! In the house!?!? Yikes X 2!


  6. still dont get why there r no screens.....seems like someone could make a bundle

  7. "Don't worry, I told her — I have the keys to the house."

    Game, set, match!

    I doubt that there will be any more complaints about M.Bertnoir

  8. I have a black cat also, named Felix (as in: "Felix le Chat")-- He is a character, like your Bertie, as well as an outdoor cat. I'd rather not imagine how many liberties Felix takes around the neighborhood ;-) So far, so good, nobody has officially complained about him. Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  9. Sounds like a "catty" neighborhood - just sayin'!!!

    My Matisse really meowed yesterday when he saw his neighbor enjoying the deck outside my front window. Since the flea infestation I finally got rid of last year, Matisse is an INSIDE ONLY cat, now.

    Bertie looks gorgeous, sleek, and obviously enjoys your neighborhood!

  10. Lovely photo of Bertie. And it's so nice that neighbours trust each other with keys to the house - very rural and old-fashioned.

  11. aaah Bertie looks lovely and slinky. He'd be welcome in my house any day.

  12. Ellen, it was fun meeting you and Paul yesterday. Forgot to ask you: if you want another cat, Bert would be available. I'm not kidding. He's 5 years old.

    Hi Jean, we've had the neighbors' house keys for 6 or 7 years now, and they have ours. We've needed the keys three or four times. This is their summer house and they don't live there all year round.

    Thanks for all the comments.

  13. That woman needs to chill!

  14. Hee, hee! :-) That must have made your day.

    The cat next door comes in if we leave our doors open. It's quite startling if I don't see him come in and catch motion on the floor out of the corner of my eye.


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