30 April 2007

The Callie card

Our good friend Sue found and sent us the perfect card for the occasion of Callie's homecoming. Here's the front of the card, which I scanned. Can you tell that this dog is the spitting image of what Callie will surely look like when she grows up?

Callie as she is sure to look when she grows up.
It'll be summer and we'll hide the bedroom slippers.

Here's the latest picture of Callie the Collie that we have. Excuse me, that's Mlle Callie du Vent des Moissons de la Vallée des Géants. She was seven weeks old here. On Thursday, when we drive down to the Montluçon area to get her and bring her home, she will be exactly 10 weeks old.

Callie at seven weeks


  1. Sue found the perfect card for you.!

    Ah, next Sunday you'll wake up to puppy licks--wish I could see Callie as a young pup and smell her too. Puppies smell good.

    I bet Callie will be too big for me to smuggle out in my suitcase in September.

  2. Evelyn, there's no way you will get away with Callie in your case. If you and Lewis want to stay a while longer, that would be great, but when you do decide to leave you will leave Callie here, you hear?

  3. She's absolutely beautiful! ( Have you seen who is visiting us for a few days??)

    I know you'll be tickled to get her home.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  4. OK, I'll leave Callie with you. Callie looks like she weighs more than Maybelle (11-12 lbs) already.

    Thursday will be a special day.

    I'm still having problems with my sign in here for some unknown reason. I have to redo my blogger account each time.

  5. How exciting! Puppies are wonderful, and they provide the best ego stroking you could imagine!

  6. Qu'est-ce qu'elle est mignonne, cette jeune aristocrate :-) ! Marie

  7. What a cutie! Congratulations on your decision to bite the bullet and get a new pup...I'm sure you and she will have many happy times together.

  8. That dog is adorable!!!!
    Pastis would be jealous!!

  9. Shelli, thanks for the kind words. We waited a year, as planned, after Collette passed on. Tomorrow is the big day!

    Cigalechanta, look for many more pictures on my blog and on Walt's.


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