31 January 2006

Hooked on onions

We finished that 5 kg/12 lb. bag of onions we were working on. Today we went grocery shopping at Intermarché. I had onions on the shopping list. When I saw the price per kilo, I was shocked. 90 euro cents a kilo! Last time, chez Ed, I paid 85 euro cents for FIVE kilos.

Five more kilograms of yellow onions

Then I noticed that Intermarché had a 5 kg bag of onions for 1.95 euros. That's a lot more than the last 5 kg bag I bought, but a lot better than 90 cents a kilo.

So I'm working on using up (and enjoying) onions again. Some things never change.

And here, by the way, was this morning's sunrise.

The sun rises here at about 8:30 a.m. right now

Two or three minutes later


  1. "The sun rises at 8:30 am" -- how civilized. -- Tony

  2. Tony P.?

    I just checked this site:


    Officially, the sun comes up in Saint-Aignan at 8:21 a.m right now. I had just headed out with the dog for the morning walk when I took the picture.

  3. Yes, "Tony" is "Tony P"

    -- Tony (I mean Tony P)

  4. Bon, quand vous épluchez tous ces oignons, vous ne versez pas une seule larme, lol ? I prefer buying "oignons doux"... This way, I don't cry ;-) !!!

    I bet you never use this expression : "occupe-toi de tes oignons ! Marie, taquine ;-)


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