27 January 2006

A cold morning

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Collette, our 14-year-old "puppy," heading out for her morning walk in the vineyard. We had a dusting of snow overnight and the temperature this morning was -2.5ºC. That's the high 20s F.

This is the hamlet (hameau) called La Renaudière. It consists of a grouping of three old houses, and one old farmhouse (une longère) that's just behind these by about 100 meters. One house is occupied by a 90-year-old woman who lives alone. Another is home to an 80-year-old woman who lives with her daughter and grand-daughter. The third is lived in by a couple in their late 50s, who have nicely restored the place. The fourth old house is our neighbors' country house, where they spend only summers.

Looking back toward La Renaudière from out in the vineyards, you can barely see the grouping of houses. Ours is a very recent addition to the neighborhood, having been built in the late 1960s. The Renaudie vineyards are extensive. Living on the edge of them gives us the impression that we have all the space in the world out our back gate.

This was a stand of oaks and pines between two fields of grape vines. Then last year some men came and cut down all the oaks. I assume the wood was to be used as firewoood. The pines are left standing. Somehow this picture reminds me of the coast of North Carolina, where I grew up.

This is the gravel road that runs through the Renaudie vineyards and where we often walk the dog. It's fairly well maintained and I also drive on it often on my way to the supermarket. It's less than a mile long and connects to a paved road out back, and that road is marked as the route touristique that winds through the Touraine vineyards. Out in the vineyards not far from us are a bakery that has wood-fired ovens and makes really good bread and croissants, and a goat farm that sells cheese and operates as a restaurant and inn.

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  1. Sympa, ces explications qui nous permettent de visualiser la région où tu habites ;-) ! @ + ! Marie


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