26 January 2006

Having formatting problems

I'm having a lot of trouble with font sizes and styles in my coq au vin topic. On my computer it was looking fine, but I just republished the topic and now some of the picture captions are wrong. They were wrong all along when Walt viewed my blog on his computer, and when I viewed in on the laptop computer we have in the living room. And now the captions are wrong on my computer, although up until a couple of minutes ago they looked fine.

I spent 3 or 4 hours on getting that coq au vin topic to upload and display. At one point, I lost all the formatting (italics, etc.) and had to start over again from scratch. Luckily, I had saved a plain text version of the file separately, in another application, and it didn't take too long to upload the pictures again -- there weren't that many of them.

The purpose of this topic is to see if I can publish a simple text blog entry without trouble. But when I select text in the blogger Create window now, it doesn't show up the way it did before. It doesn't really look selected, though I can apply font styles: bold and italic.

On another subject: It was cold and gray when we got up this morning. The low temperature was -1.7ºC (about 29ºF) and the high today was 1.6ºC (about 35ºF). It snowed lightly for a few hours around mid-day, and it was sticking on rooftops and on the gravel road out back for a while. But then it started melting. They're saying we may get a little more snow tonight and tomorrow morning.

I made a pork roast cooked in milk for lunch today. It cooked in the oven for about 3 hours. In the milk I put sauteed onions, bay leaves, garlic cloves, allspice berries, coriander berries, black peppercorns, red pepper flakes, and some curry powder. After the pork was cooked, I reduced the milk sauce a little on high heat and thickened it with a little slurry of potato starch. With the pork we had little potatoes that were browned in the oven.

OK, I'll put in one picture for this test of the blogging software. If this test works, I will assume that there is something weird with the coq au vin topic and I won't think about it any more.


  1. Glad to see those onions going in with the roast; you'll use them all after all. Lovely potatoes. Are those just peeled and roasted? At what setting and for how long? That roast looks like it should make more than one meal for you guys. Have a great day Ken (and Walt).

  2. The coq au vin and other topics looked fine to me. There are italics and captions in it that look OK.

  3. Ken,
    Both the porkk roast topic and the food look good from here.
    Tony and I found that the coq topic acted strangely (scrolled v-e-r-y slowly) but we didn't notice any formatting problems.

  4. Have you ever cooked a pork roast or a chicken in milk? It makes the roast very tender.

    The captions in the coq au vin topic were displaying correctly on my computer but not on Walt's or the laptop. Now they won't display correctly on mine. I don't know what happened to the HTML in this posting, but something strange did happen.

    Wonder what that scrolling problem was all about.

  5. Oh Dennis, I peeled those potatoes and boiled them for a few minutes until they were just about done. Then I melted some butter in a baking dish. I put the potatoes in the dish and rolled them around so that they were covered with melted butter. I put the dish in a very hot oven and let the potatoes brown. I turned them over once during the browning.

    And yes, the pork roast will make three meals. Today I cut some of it up and I'm going to use it in fried rice, along with baby corn, bean sprouts, onions (!), and bamboo shoots.

  6. You've made me hungry! miam!

  7. As-tu réalisé que tes problèmes pour formater ton texte pourraient venir de la.. vengeance du pauvre... coq sacrifié sur l'autel de la gourmandise, hein ;-) ???!!! Marie

  8. Marie, je crois que le problème venait des oignons. En fait, on les a finis -- plus de problèmes !


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