11 January 2016

Météorologie et géographie

The winds and heavy rains that were predicted for this week haven't yet materialized. We've had some rain but nothing exciting, and the wind has been only slightly gusty for short periods — no real gales.

Early January 2012 sunrise

Let's see if this link works: it takes you to an Accuweather radar screen showing precipitation moving across Brittany, Normandy, Paris, and the Loire Valley, including Tours. If you click on the link and then move the map around a little you can also see the southern part of England, including London. Refresh the page to see the current weather. Below is a still image that I captured just a minute ago.

We're only about 40 miles east of "the capital" of the old French province of Touraine, 25 miles south of the old royal town of Blois, and about 65 miles south and west of Orléans. Paris is 140 miles north of Saint-Aignan.

There's some geography and weather for your Monday. The temperature this morning is about 7ºC (45ºF) with light rain right now. We cooked something good yesterday — Thai chicken with basil and garlic — but I forgot to take any photos. I had to debone a chicken because we can't buy ground chicken meat here.


  1. "The winds and heavy rains that were predicted for this week haven't yet materialized."
    They made a stop here yesterday in Maine.

  2. Ooh, I like this radar screen. It's interesting to be able to see your weather moving along.
    We've moved into super-cold winter weather here -- it was about 11°F yesterday, with a cold wind. We were supposed to get 1-3" of snow, but only got a dusting.
    Love that sunrise photo! Beautiful!

  3. I like the weather screen too .. if there is one for where I live, just imagine one huge cloud that covers the entire NE NY :)
    It is cold and grey and probably will snow. ugh.
    I still think I would rather see bad weather in France than in New York State ~
    Happy Monday

    1. I mean that I would rather be in France seeing bad weather than in NY State ... I write the way I talk ... I make no sense :)


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