10 April 2015

Working and snapping

Working the earth, that is. It's that time of year, and the weather has been cooperative. Some rain is supposed to move in this afternoon and overnight, so today is when I need to get as much done as possible. Snapping photos too. Both jobs are easier when the weather is sunny.

It's supposed to be clear and dry next week too, so no worries — I will have time to finish preparing the ground for our annual vegetable garden. It's hard work hauling the rototiller around, especially since we've decided to make one big garden plot out of the four smaller ones we've grown vegetables in for more than ten years now.

Those sections of ground that have never been tilled before are very hard to work. Without a gas-powered tiller, I wouldn't be able to do it at all. We can start planting a few hardy crops now, but there is a danger of frost until May 15 in this climate, so we have to wait before putting in tomatoes or other delicate species.

Can you tell what this funny thing is?

This is the ornamental cherry tree just off our front deck. It flowers in March and April.

By the way, my new camera arrived yesterday. I know, same old song. But this time I'm much happier, and I will keep this model. It's a Canon, and it's only slightly larger and heavier that the Panasonic cameras I tried over the last few weeks. I'll write more about all these cameras when I can find the time.

And what's this?

Leaves on my plum tree, which I hope will produce a good crop this year

The Canon has a 30x zoom (25 to 750 mm equivalent) and good wide-angle and macro capabilities too. I like the sharpness of the images it produces and I like that the camera doesn't have a touch screen or other (for me) superfluous features. The photos here are just a few examples of my efforts and the camera's yesterday afternoon, between bouts with the tiller and washing windows. Yes, it's spring-cleaning time at La Renaudière.


  1. Nice and crisp... especially the cloth from Nimes... very nice Macro capabilities...
    If you can... a Canon can... old advert.
    And, certainly at the moment, Canon aren't likely to go down the "all singing, all dancing, oh booger!" route...
    I shan't answer the can you tell what this question... ours are beginning, too!
    Quite a rotavator... Atiller the Mantis would not enjoy that on our ground...
    too much Couch Grass... possibly Twitch Grass to you... forever having to untangle the tines!
    Happy snapping...

  2. Replies
    1. Je suis content du nouvel appareil.

    2. Comme on dit, jamais deux sans trois. Mais s'il s'agit d'une Peugeot, c'est 203!

  3. My husband was a professional photographer in one of his lives, he always used a Nikon. But he bought me a Canon SX500IS while we were in Buenos Aires, he got tired of me borrowing his camera all the time .. That little Canon isn't bad at all ! I take it with me everywhere ..
    I love love love your close up of the bud ..

  4. I see why you like your new camera! It's a gift for us. I recognized the denim de Nimes right away, but don't know what that fuzzy bud is.

  5. Spring is busy but lovely season


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