04 April 2015

Bagels, smoked salmon, and salad

I mentioned bagels a week or two ago, when I was in North Carolina. I brought some back to France in my carry-on bag.

We had them with cream cheese (fromage à tartiner), smoked salmon (saumon fumé), and a salad with vinaigrette dressing. It made for a nice lunch.

Another subject: the laptop I normally use to compose my blog posts has been infected by a malware virus for the past two weeks. It's called mystartsearch — that's just one of its names. It's a royal pain to get rid of, so be careful. I think I might have finally removed it, but only time will tell. These two weeks that I have been back from my U.S. trip have been stressful for many reasons...


  1. Yikes. Sorry to hear about stress, and I don't envy you the task of having to remove malware. Yuck.
    On the bright side, you have bagels. :)

  2. You are right, Judy, the bagels and salmon were a treat, as was the rib steak. The past two weeks have been pretty stressful, for all sorts of reasons. I still have posts to do about preparing and cooking quail, as well as rabbit. I haven't been too good about taking photos, however. We'll see. Ken

  3. Oy! It's breakfast time and the bagels are ready to eat! Merci. Wishing you happier days.

  4. Anytime is fine (except for the middle of the night).

  5. So they don't have bagels in France?


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