29 April 2015

Five fotos

I'm still trying to re-compose myself after all the recent events. It doesn't help that the weather has turned chilly here again. I've had to turn the heat back on for two days now. We are expecting more rain as April ends and May begins. My allergies have come back...

Red maple leaves bursting out in springtime

Irises along the edge of the ditch just down the road from our house

Our wisteria, slightly stylized

Wind through the poplars

Looking out across the river valley with the new camera

The houses in that last shot are several kilometers away. You can vaguely see a field of colza (a.k.a. rape or canola) in the foreground. I'm certainly enjoying the Canon camera.


  1. The zoom seems to do a great job. Beautiful bearded irises.

    1. The irises in our yard are in flower now, but I haven't yet taken any pictures of them.

    2. The irises look beautiful. The color is so rich and they sure jazz up a humble ditch don't they?

      chm we were in Palm Springs last week, and it is surprising to see the rapid rate that grass and water-loving shrubs are being torn out and replaced with xeriscaping/cactus. People are getting serious about this drought quickly.

    3. The Japanese Maple (I assume that's what it is) in the first photo is lovely too.

    4. It's about time they did something. What about the 190 + golf courses?

    5. Golf courses will have to cut back as well...everything that is not fairway is being xeriscaped and I read most are now using recycled water. I suspect some will disappear due to cost

  2. It's cold and rainy here. It's Derby week in KY and I remember weather like this at the beginning of May in KY, usually Alabama weather is much warmer and more sunny. So it goes.

    The popular foto is my favorite- the trees can stand up to the wind and so can we if need be.

  3. Love the watercolour wisteria!


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