26 August 2011

Palluau scenes

Last weekend, I noticed this window and this door in an old wall up near the château and church in the village of Palluau-sur-Indre, about 25 miles south of Saint-Aignan.

A window and a door in Palluau-sur-Indre

Palluau is one of just a few "perched villages" in the area around Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher. It's also one of my favorite places. In summer it feels méridional ("southern") and in winter it feels abandoned.


The massive towers of the old château rise up over the village at the top of a steep hill above the Indre River.


  1. I love your description: "In summer it feels méridional ("southern") and in winter it feels abandoned." Poetry!

  2. Don't you wonder what is behind that door and that window?

  3. Curious to know the pronunciation
    of this name. Is the first "u"

    Been thinking about your mother
    and sister in the path of Irene.
    Hope they'll be okay. We in Texas
    would be happy to take some of
    that rain off their hands.

  4. Ken, I am here in Wilmington, NC and am thinking of, and feel sympathy for, your family further up the coast.

  5. Of course, I am also worried for us here.

  6. There doesn't seem to be much maintenance there.

  7. A good eye for interesting photo ops!

    Thanks for including us in the sights and sites.

    I am also concerned for your family during the brush or slap from Irene.

    Mary in Oregon

  8. Ken, I hope your family is OK on the East coast.

  9. Sheila, sorry to be so late. The first u is pronounced as a syllable or glide, and the -au at the end is [OH]. [pah-lu-OH]


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