25 August 2011

A castle made of sugar

Over in Valençay last Saturday, we stopped in at a pâtisserie — a French pastry shop — that Marie had read about in the French Routard guidebook. The pastry chef's name is Jacky Chichery, and his shop is on the little traffic circle at the end of the street that leads to to the château entrance.

Valençay en sucre

Jacky Chichery has "built" a model of the Château de Valençay out of sugar and it's on display in the tea room next to his pastry shop. Because it sits in front of a big mirrored wall, you can see me taking the picture, and Marie as well.

The J. Chichery pastry shop is...

...just across the street from the « Prince de Talley Rand »
café and bar.


  1. The street shots are charming. And that sugary chateau is absolutely amazing!

  2. Ahhhhh... I always love these street photos of towns and cafés :)

  3. I wonder how long it took the artist to make that?

  4. Ken,
    Morehead City was just the lead story on the ABC radio news. People stocking up on food at the local supermarket in advance of hurricane Irene. Thinking about your family and hope they will be safe and suffer minimal disruption to their lives.

  5. Dang! I missed that pastry shop when I was there!

    Also, what Cheryl said. Hope your Mom gets through this Irene thing OK.

  6. I love the multiple self-portraits Ken... you could have great fun with that chateau and its mirrors.

    WV is "moetabl"... can drink champagne?


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