07 August 2011

“Grape trees”

When they were visiting a few days ago, our San Francisco friends' six-year-old son went along for a walk all of us took out in the vineyard. We walked the mile to the end of the gravel road and then back. The little one was impressed by what he called the “grape trees.”

Seen from his point of view, they do look like grape trees. It's the same perspective that Callie the collie gets when she goes out on her twice daily walk through the vineyard. We taller creatures see it differently because we tower over the little trees and see their tops as a carpet of green.

The grapes in the Renaudière vineyard near Saint-Aignan are really changing color now — at least the red ones (or "black" ones, as they are called in French). The green ones ("white" in French) are just plumping up and ripening. In fact, the pictures here are about a week old.

Some of the leaves are changing colors now too. I don't think it's because autumn has arrived — even though the weather feels that way these days — but just because some of the leaves die back over the course of the growing season.

This is the route touristique through the vineyard — the paved road. People are not really encouraged to drive on the gravel road, even though some do, including me. It's a rough ride in spots. The paved road is smoother, but it's narrow enough that when two vehicles meet, one or both must drive half on and half off the pavement. As you can see, there's not really a lot of traffic out there.


  1. Your photos are always stunning, Ken. From now on, I will see grape trees. Great being reminded how much more interesting it can be to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

  2. Wow, that sky and that green... great photo.

  3. You can certainly tell that you've had some rain given the green on display.
    Lovely grapes.

  4. This reminds me of a highlight of my visit in Sept., 2009; walking down a row picking plump, sweet ripe grapes, one variety on one side and a different one on the other. Both were DEE-licious. Do you know how many grapes go into one bottle of wine? Maybe I'll plant a few vines just to make Gallo nervous.


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