28 July 2010

An afternoon in the sun at La Corroirie

Yesterday CHM and I drove down to Preuilly-sur-Claise to spend the day with Susan and Simon of Days on the Claise. We wanted to take a look at all the renovation and restoration work S+S have been doing at their place.

The church and farm buildings at La Corroirie

We also had on our schedule an afternoon trip to visit and meet the owner of a fortified medieval farm/church complex called La Corroirie, which is located on the road between Loches and Montrésor. I've posted about La Corroirie before, here and here. La Corroirie [kor-wah-REE] now operates as a bed and breakfast.

La Corroirie, a medieval fortified farm and church complex
on the road between Montrésor and Loches

We spent a while looking around at S&S's place. Then we drove up to Loches — or, to be more accurate, the adjoining town of Beaulieu-lès-Loches — to have lunch in a little restaurant called L'Estaminet. It's on a place — a square — right next to the old abbey church and the town hall — la mairie. CHM and I, in the Peugeot, followed behind S+S, in Célestine, for the 30-minute drive.

CHM, Susan, and Ken with Célestine
in front of the café called L'Estaminet
Thanks to Simon for taking a picture of us with my camera

Lunch was served on the terrace, in the shade of a big awning, on a hot and sunny afternoon. It was a very pleasant hour or two. Simon and I each had a tartine campagnarde as our main course — a kind of French bruschetta, in other words, a slice of toasted bread with a piece of ham and some melted cheese on top. It came with a big lettuce and tomato salad. Susan and CHM each had aiguillettes de canard — strips of duck tenderloin — in a red wine sauce, with mixed vegetables and a puree of potato and carrot.

Simon in the archway of the fortified tower at La Corroirie

At La Corroirie, we met the owner, Jeff de Mareüil, and he took us on a tour of the dining room, living room, and two bedrooms that he rents out by the day to guests. The rooms are magnificent — decorated by local artists, with period furniture. It was all very comfortable- and authentic-looking, in character with the beautiful exteriors of the buildings.

CHM leaning on Célectine to get a good picture
of the fortified farmhouse

We spent a couple of hours wandering around the grounds and into the old church and farm buildings. We saw frogs, dragonflies, geese, butterflies, and a lot of flowers. There's a big organic vegetable garden on the grounds, and an old hemp oven. It was a pretty nice day.


  1. A lovely post Ken, one that brought back memories of good friends and great surroundings.
    We will return to the Loire one day.

  2. Ah super la vieille traction Citröen :)

  3. Oui, Alex, c'est une très belle bagnole. Leon, je suis sûr, sera d'accord.

  4. Another restaurant to put on our "must try" list !!
    Glad you had a nice time with S&S. I guess this all makes quite a change for CHM, too.

  5. Oh, you are making me seriously homesick for France! You are traveling in high style with Celestine I see. Love the photos, all of them.

    It's interesting the car and book both have the name of Célestine.


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