26 April 2010

Summery weather

I read about tornadoes in Mississippi and even in North Carolina, and I'm grateful we don't have to worry about that kind of weather here. Yesterday, the weather forecaster on France 2 TV was downright giddy with joy, predicting a week of summery weather conditions in France.

Sunrise out the kitchen window in late April

For us, that means temperatures as "high" as 75º F this week! That's not what I immediately think of as summertime heat, given my North Carolina background, but in fact it does qualify for that description here in the Loire Valley. It's pleasant and I'll take it.


  1. Very pleasant indeed. Could you send some over here, please?
    Today it is grey and drizzly although mild.

  2. 24 definitely qualifies for summer in Paris. In the summer of 2008, it never got that high.


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