23 April 2010

The new view

Yesterday one of the Vélux windows was installed. I assume the other one will be done today. The windows are a little higher up on the wall than I had thought they would be, but if you get up close, the picture below shows what you see.

Click on the pictures to see them at full size.

If you are less than say 5'9" tall (1,75 m), you might have to stand on your tiptoes. Still, the main point of the windows is to let light into the room. The view is a bonus. As you can see, we had another beautiful day yesterday. You can also see the ornamental plum tree in pink flower.

Here are some pictures I took while the window was being put in and after it was done yesterday afternoon. The interior finishing has yet to be done.

The window installer saved for us as many of the roof tiles as he could. They'll come in handy if any tile blow off the next time we have a big windstorm.

There were three heavy glass tiles in the back section of roof that were there to let light into the attic. We especially wanted to save those, as souvenirs.


  1. Looks great Ken. What a bonus that view is. I was thinking the windows would be more like skylights. Your weather looks wonderful. It's in the 20s here, but raining quite heavily, which is great.

  2. Ça prend tournure!

  3. What a view! I also noticed in your previous pictures that the workers are also very clean. You are lucky to have a great contractor.

  4. That picture of the man on the roof makes me feel queasy - I don't know how anyone could ever do that !!

  5. So far so good. Your insulation looks like the best sort. I love to look at tile roofs- they seem so sturdy.

    Your new banner photo is like a breath of fresh air, merci.

  6. Fantastic! That pink tree is gorgeous..... I can't wait for the greens pinks and other colors of the Loire Valley.

  7. That's a nice view, too bad you can't just "look" out the window.

  8. Evelyn, that last banner photo was very dark, wasn't it? But I guess the weather was pretty dark up until a few days ago. Right now, it's still gorgeous.

    Nadège, the building crew left today for a few days. They did a really good job of cleaning up. It came as a surprise that they would be gone for a week. We're being positive and looking forward to a week of peace and quiet. We'll have time to do some cleaning and also some work out in the garden.

    CHM, oui, on commence à voir ce que ça va être.

    All, the view is really a bonus. Even if we could afford to have the whole roof redone in glass, so that we could just sit or stand and admire the view, I'm not sure we would ever be able to get planning permission for it. Our neighbors two houses down told us they had a lot of trouble getting permission to put in Velux windows that are bigger than the ones we've had installed. Call it socialism or call it planning, but there are restrictions on what people can build or how they can modify their buildings here. And we are looking at the positive side of our project...

  9. Your yard has taken on a new perspective. Glad you found good workers.

  10. I love that view :) It would be sad for me if I lived there, though... at 5'2"... my tippy toes don't go up to 5'9"!


  11. Judy, we have an escabeau you could use. Monte là-dessus, tu verras... le vignoble.

    Dedene, let us know if you plan a trip to the Saint-Aignan area. We'd love to have you stop by for a cup of tea or an apéro.


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