04 April 2010

Body and soul

My mind is still in Carolina, and my tired body is in France. Soon I'll get body and soul together again.

Here in Saint-Aignan, we are in the throes of preparing for the most disruptive part of the attic conversion work to start on Tuesday. Today we have to finish cleaning out the area under the ceiling space where the cutout fro the staircase will be. That means moving a cabinet full of china and all kinds of baking dishes, and a buffet full of glasses — not to mention Walt's Eiffel Tower collection. It's all fragile stuff and will require a lot of painstaking work.

Yesterday at sunset, a rain shower moving off toward the east,
with brilliant sunlight shining from the west.

The weather in Saint-Aignan is windy, showery, and chilly. What a contrast it is with the warm, bright, sunny weather we were having in Morehead City when I left on Thursday. Yesterday at sunset we had a very hard shower that moved across from west to east. When it was over, the sun was down near the western horizon and the light was fantastic. The sun sets at 8:30 p.m. now.

... plus a nice rainbow.

It's been so rainy here that it's too wet to plow. In other words, we'll need some warm dry days before I can get to work in the vegetable garden plots. I guess that's okay, because we have so much work to do inside the house right now.


  1. Those two pictures are magical! I love your sunsets this time of year- we're having pink ones here, but I've not seen a rainbow in some time.

    Good luck with the transition- it will be worth the inconvenience.

    Happy Easter.

  2. Wow, that first sun/rain photo especially is gorgeous!

    I'm glad you had a more relaxing and less-allergy-filled trip home this time :))

    Happy Easter! Have you decided to forgo the traditional big Easter meal in favor of freeing up time to get the house ready for the renovations?


  3. The pictures show that spring is definitely moving in.


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