24 March 2008

A frosty Easter Monday

Snow was predicted and it did fall sometime during the night. It's just the slightest dusting but its significance is that it will have been our only snow of the 2007-2008 winter. I hope I am not speaking too soon. Actually, it's not even winter. Spring has sprung. You wouldn't know it...

Sunrise from the kitchen window at La Renaudière
Easter Monday — 24 March 2008

Now I have to go take Callie for her morning walk — in the cold. She already went out and sniffed — no, stiffed AND tasted — the little bit of snow dust she could lick up. It didn't seem to phase her. She walked around in it, did her business, chased a low-flying bird, and then came back in the house to start begging for her walk. Guess I'd better go.

A dusting of snow on the back yard

Weather reports say we might have showers of rain and even grésil — ice pellets, a kind of fine hail that is common here and was in San Francisco in winter too — through the day today.

Here's one more photo of the yard, just for the record books

According to the TV news, it's snowing in eastern France this morning, mostly in the mountains but also at lower elevations around Lyon. I haven't heard if Paris got any snow overnight, but it was supposed to. Some people we know, who live in Sacramento, California, are spending most of March in Paris, and they say they never imagined that the weather could be so changeable. The only thing it hasn't been since their arrival is warm.


  1. We had a dusting yesterday but woke up to about five inches today. It feels a lot more like Christmas than Easter...

  2. Really, Betty? That's a lot of snow for late March. What's your altitude there? Do you have to shovel your driveway?

  3. Here in Paris, no snow but really chilly. Saturday had repeated hail showers. As the saying says in French: Noël au balcon, Pâques aux tisons !
    Great pics of your garden!
    Have a nice Easter

  4. We're at about 625 meters. I remember one Easter Monday in about 2000 where we had almost a foot - -and that was in April. Very strange since we didn't have any snow all winter. It seems to be melting away fairly quickly -- the driveway is already pretty clear, but things are still white. I'll show proof on La France Profonde sometime this week!

  5. Claudia in Toronto24 March, 2008 16:42

    First time I see your land with a winter look. Nice photos...We had so much snow all winter that I'm proud to report no snow at Easter. Chilly to the bones though. No spring bonnet yet!

  6. Any consolation its cold here in the South of France.We have a mistral blowing real hard keeping the clouds away, but its brass monkey weather!!


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