17 October 2016

Fall colors and activities

I don't think all the grapes are in yet. Well, there are always some white ones that say on the vines much later than others. They are used in making late-harvest vin doux or vin demi-sec — sweet apéritif or dessert wines. I think there are some red-wine grapes still out there too.

Last week, the two Domaine de la Renaudie guys were harvesting right outside our hedge. Below, the one driving the vendangeuse is emptying its bins of grapes into the trailer for transport down to the winery. We'll see if they come back to harvest some more grapes today.

Grape leaves and others are just starting to take on their fall colors. Below is a blackberry leaf. Soon the vineyard will be yellow, orange, and red instead of bright green.

Yesterday for lunch we had teriyaki-glazed turkey wings with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Today, lunch will braised duck breast with yellow turnips. Canard aux navets is a classic French dish.


  1. Thank you Ken.... once again!
    The "Pentax User" theme for this month's competition is...
    Autumn colour.
    Now all I have got to do is go and find a vine leaf thike the one at the top of the post...
    I'll need to wait for this rain to stop, tho'.

    1. For "thike"... please read "that's like"....
      Splodger seems to be doing that a lot recently!!

    2. The sun is peeking through here now. Hope it is there too.

  2. Great close-up photos with vibrant color, Ken!

  3. What a gorgeous photo, there is so much in it ! The colors, the time of year shown so nicely, I am admiring the perfection of the top of that hedge lol ... How the modern machine looks sitting on that old winding road .. love it :)

  4. How beautiful that first photo is! And I always love hearing about what you are cooking!


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