16 November 2011

November sunrise, from inside

These are my morning views. When I get up at about 6:15, it's still completely dark outside. This month and until the end of January, we have the shortest days of the year, and they are very short. Today the sun will rise at 8:00 a.m. and go back down at 5:18 p.m.

Above and below, the view from the front windows at 8 a.m.

Fact is, however, that this November is, so far, the warmest November in France since weather records have been kept. That's what the news and weather people were telling us yesterday. We've had a good amount of rain over the past two weeks, but not even a threat of a freeze, and no frost.

Pull back the curtains for a better look.

Callie's walk schedule makes photography difficult when the days are so short. It's still pretty dark when we go out in the morning, and it's already pretty dark when we go out late in the afternoon. Only once in a while there's an especially sunny morning or afternoon when there's enough light for the camera.

And then take a closeup.

I envy people who are new to France, or just visiting, and who are out and about visiting the sights and sites. Here's an example. They have a lot of pictures to show, and they have all that enthusiasm that overtakes you when you're exploring a new environment, a new country. It's too bad we can't all live like that all year long. But we'd all be exhausted. Our photos would be nice though.


  1. I took a picture of our first sunrise here in the CM. Put it on Facebook for all to see.

    Life back in Calgary was too hurried to observe those kind of things.
    7.30am now and I am looking out, waiting for the first rays.

  2. It's true that we take fewer photos as time goes on... but those sunrise photos are spectacular! We've had some beautiful ones recently - and I've not lit the fire for weeks!

  3. wow :)) Great photos. We're having unusually warm weather for November, too. I hope it keeps up for the 26th... my wedding!

  4. Glorious! And how amazing is it that I can see a sunrise in France the same day it is happening while being here in northeast Ohio where the sun is just getting ready to rise.

    Does the red color mean it will rain there today?

  5. gorgeous sight to wake up to & congrats to Seine Judeet!

  6. A sunrise like that is one of life's good pleasures and you don't have to leave your house to see it. Tu as la chance;)

    Congrats, Judy!

  7. What spectacular beauty to wake up to. Too bad, if I lived there, I'd be sleeping right through it!

  8. Judy, my fingers are crossed for good weather on the 26th. I hope it's a great day.

    Mitch, zzzzz!

  9. We don't get to see the sunrise from our apartment even though we face East.


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