02 March 2009

No snow here, but a lot up north

I'm spending my last day in North Carolina. Got to pack. Temperature here on the central N.C. coast this morning is 37ºF, but we didn't get any snow. That was confined to central and western parts of the state — Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, even Charlotte — and the east was spared.

Beach replenishment means lots of sand
on the Carteret County, N.C., beaches

The U.S. Northeast has not been spared, apparently. I hope that I will be able to fly into Philadelphia and then fly out to Paris tomorrow afternoon as scheduled. Meanwhile, I'll start packing. Maybe the snow will melt or the runways will be cleared by tomorrow afternoon.

Beach sand covering the end of the boardwalk
at Atlantic Beach, N.C.

As the low pressure system that is causing the Northeast snowstorm moved through eastern North Carolina and on toward the north, the wind shifted and my allergy symptoms eased off, just as I thought they would. There is less noxious pollen in the air.

Seen on Harker's Island, N.C.

And did you see Walt's post about his nice weather over the weekend? I missed out. We've had some nice days in N.C., but a lot of bad weather too, over the past two weeks.

By the way, today is 60 minus three days.


  1. Bonjour Ken

    Let's hope you arrive on time to celebrate the new 40 in St Aignan. Looks like the North East is taking the hit and for us in Montreal it is mostly dry except may be 2-3 cm overnight.

    Good Luck and Bon Voyage

  2. Kenny, love, a very happy soixante. Hope you are allergy free and have a glorious sunny day on the 5th.
    Ms Monet


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