25 February 2006

It's still winter

I started this winter telling myself that the cold weather here in Saint-Aignan really only lasts a couple of months. It won't be long at all. And in late October we had some days when the temperature hit 26ºC -- that's about 80ºF. But November came in cold, and December very cold. We are now finishing our fourth month of cold weather. So much for my optimism.

Sunset at La Renaudière, 24 February 2006

Trees and other plants are starting to bud out, though. I noticed yesterday that the roses around our house have new red growth on them. And old faithful, the helibore or winter rose has bloomed, despite the fact that I dug it up and planted it in a pot last spring. I didn't expect it to flower this winter.

How to fight off the winter chill? Hot food, of course. Earlier this week, we made a quiche. I had a couple of slices of ham and some sauteed mushrooms left from last weekend's pizzas, and I had some comté cheese and some eggs. Walt made his good pie shell. With a big green salad, the quiche was perfect.

Ham, mushrooms, and grated cheese in a pre-baked pie crust.
Just pour on beaten eggs and bake.

Hot from the oven and ready to eat.

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